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How it Works

#1. Book Here Now

You can choose the time and date for your visit to see one of our doctors online.

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#2. Register with Program

Before your visit you MUST register with the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. Register With Program

#3. See Doctor Online

You will see one of our doctors for 15 minutes online to see if medical marijuana can help you.

#4. Get Your Card

Finish your state registration online, pay $50 to the state, and get your medical marijuana card in the mail.

Get Medical Marijuana

With your card in hand you can visit any state dispensary to get the medical marijuana for the relief you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: We will send you an email and text with the details. We will also include a link that you can use to join the visit. If you do not get the email, check your spam or junk folder.
Answer: The cost is $179 that you pay when you book your visit. We will refund your money if you cancel 24 hours before your visit.
Answer: Right now we do not take insurance. We will let you know if we can take insurance in the future.
Answer: We will send you an email and text with the videochat link. We use Doxy.me that works on your phone or computer. You do not need any apps. Please see the Doxy.me Patient Guide before your visit.

View Doxy.me Patient Guide